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Welcome to a new approach to education!  Sparx Studio is an inclusive educational based acting studio that teaches children significant social-emotional skills that are often prioritized below academics in today's schools. Our studio is motivated to make a positive change and help decrease the growing number of youth mental health issues.  Our Sparx students learn fundamental coping techniques for how to deal with invaluable life skills, such as how to deal with bullying, anxiety and public safety.  Every Sparx program is cleverly designed so that your child will have a ton of fun and not even realize that they are learning!  Our programs include:  After School &  Weekend classes, Summer, Winter & March Break Camps, Group Programs (such as Girl Guides and Scouts), One to One Virtual Training Sessions and In-School Workshops & Programs.


Our goal is to not only teach children, but to inspire them to reach their potential.  At Sparx, our acting classes are designed to make each child to feel special and embrace their individual strengths.  We thrive on creating a mentoring relationship with each child by using positive reinforcement and encouragement all within a structured and play-based learning environment.  We encourage all personality types to sign up!


Sparx  expands upon learning objectives used in Ontario's curriculum and integrates it within popular and fun acting activities.  The lessons are structured strategically by using similar teaching methods used in today's classrooms.  Each class will have specific learning goals for the kids to achieve and the content in each lesson will support that.  All children are welcome and no acting experience is necessary. Please take a look through our site to learn more!

why us?

Sparx Studio's programs offer a playful, inclusive and enjoyable approach to acting that enhances multiple skills both inside and outside of the classroom. In fact, your child may not even be aware that the course is educational! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell them!)

What is 'Educational Acting'?

Our classes and camps are cleverly designed using a technique called ‘Play-Based Learning' and consists of curricular concepts mixed with fun acting activities! With this dynamic combination, children will explore concepts that dig deeper while learning about social issues such as bullying, anxiety, inclusiveness and public safety. They will also gain classroom skills such as public speaking, teamwork, confidence and social skills such as self-empowerment, flexibility and increased emotional intelligence.


Children will learn how to act out a wide range of characters, improvise, and even write their own play for our Sparx  Showcase! In addition, the classes will include popular acting activities and exercises that will help benefit each classroom and social skill listed above.


We invite all friends and family to attend the last class 'Sparx Showcase' to see your child shine!

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