PA Day Camp

PA Day Camp

Welcome to Sparx Studio's 2020/2021 P.A. Day Theme Camps! 


Prepare for a day of education, creativity and fun! Each PA day will offer different Educational Acting lessons and activities based around the daily theme:


PA Days to choose from:

1: NOVEMBER 20th - Theme: "INDEPENDENT POWER CHILD!" - Lessons will be centered around children learning when and if to ask for help. They will learn/act out 'CORE' which is our Sparx original 4 step guide for what to do if being teased or bullied. Children will be encouraged to assist each other and share their strengths with others. Lots of fun acting games will be included and each child will have the chance to lead a game of their own! 

*WAIT LIST* Our first room is Sold Out, however if we receive min. of 4 new sign ups we can rent a second room. Please email to be added to the list.



2: JANUARY 15th - Theme: "STRANGER DANGER!" - Lessons will be centered around distinguishing the difference between safe & unsafe strangers and what to do when being alone in a variety of locations. Children will learn, act out, discuss and improvise different Stranger Danger scenarios.  *Student ratings of these lessons have been very popular!* Of course, they will also play multiple fun and entertaining acting games through out the camp!


3: FEBRUARY 12th -Theme: "IMAGINATION STATION!" -Lessons will be centered around enhancing and developing our imagination! Art projects, stories and extra improvisation exercises will be included!


4: JUNE 4th- Theme: "A COURAGEOUS MIND!" -Lessons will be centered around how to create a positive mindset and conquer nerves! Children will learn our Sparx original 'Courage List' and actively participate in tons of fun and confidence boosting acting activities! 



-JK to Grade 6 elementary aged children are welcome to attend!


-All PA Day Camps run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Windermere United Church (356 Windermere Ave in Bloor West Village). We offer After Care until 4:30 pm for an additional $20/child via E-Transfer to (auto deposit is activated). 



    • Please bring a lunch, two snacks and waterbottle.

    • Children may be going across the street (if the weather is appropriate) to Willards Garden Parkette. Therefore, please provide your child with weather appropriate clothing and accessories. 

    • After purchase, a confirmation email will be sent to ensure your payment and sign up was received. 

    • A few days before the PA Day Camp you will receive a reminder email providing all details about the camp. 

    • *Please contact us in advance at or 437-925-8559 if you have any special requests or questions about registering your child(ren).

      *You will be required to sign a COVID waiver in order for your child to participate. (Please email if you have additionally questions on this).

      -Min. of 3 kids needed for a camp to run. If not met, customers will receive a full credit or refund. 

      -Two rooms will be booked (Little Sparkies and Big Sparx) if we do not get enough sign ups for each group the groups will be combined.

      *We are running all of our Sparx In-Person programs in accordance to Toronto Public Health's childcare COVID protocols and procedures. Please read below for full details:


    • Our COVID-19 Sparx Studio Procedures:

      - All Sparx instructors will receive extra, in-depth COVID-19 response training in order to follow up to date provincial health and safety rules for childcare.

      - Only 10 people will be allowed in one course group (including instructors) as per provincial regulations.

      - All students, instructors and guardians will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and asked questions about how they feel before entering each class. If your child or anyone else in your household feels unwell, been in contact with someone with COVID or have been outside of Ontario in the past 14 days, we will ask you to go home. If you're already feeling unwell the morning of your class, please stay home and email us before your class to let us know you are unable to make it; however as much advance notice as possible is preferred (i.e. if you feel unwell the day before, then please email us then). 

      - All students will be encouraged to stay socially distant as best as they can. We fully understand that this is difficult for children and will always regulate this in a realistic and gentle manner.

      - We will follow the current childcare laws in regards to mask wearing at the time of the course and update you in the week before email. 

      - The classroom and bathrooms will be wiped down before, during and after camp. 

      - Children will have multiple hand washing breaks through out the camp. 

      - We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and bacterial cleaning spray on hand.

      - We will have a response plan if a child shows symptoms of COVID-19 or if we think they have been exposed.

      - Daily attendance will be recorded to track any contact.

      - All drop-offs and pick-ups will be made outside of the building. No parents or visitors will be allowed inside. 

      - We have removed the majority of our toys and game equipment that could easily spread germs.

      - Any equipment that we do give the kids (i.e. colouring pencils) will be sanitized and distributed by an instructor before and after use.

      - All Sparx lessons and activities have been modified to work (and still be fun!) with all of these changes.  



    Sparx offers a generous and consistent refund and course credit policy. We know that things can change and we want to be fair to you while protecting our small business:

    If we are notified 10 days or more before the first class: We will happily either fully refund your fees minus a 7.5% processing/admin fee OR fully credit your payment towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    If you notify us within 9 to 4 days before the first class: At this point we have little chance of booking another student after reserving this space for you! We are happy to split your payment with you and refund you 50% of your fees. We are also happy, if you choose, to keep 75% of your payment and credit it towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    Notification within 72 hours before a course begins: This is very hard on our small business. But we still want to help! We will refund you 33% of your fees. We are also happy, if you choose, to keep your payment and credit 50% of it towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    *Please note that anything COVID related is not an exemption to this policy. We thank you for your understanding. 

    **If Sparx Studio, our location facility or the City of Toronto decides to not allow in-person classes due to COVID-19, Sparx will offer a discounted and reduced hour virtual course in its place. If the customer chooses to opt out of the virtual program, they can choose between a full credit with no expiry date or a refund minus a 5% processing fee.   **


    Please answer all of the questions in the mandatory information box in the upper right corner of the sign up page to guarantee you won't be bothered later for missing information. You will receive a confirmation email to ensure your payment was received and an additional email providing details about the camp.