One To One Training Sessions- Half Hour

One To One Training Sessions- Half Hour

Welcome to Sparx Studio's Virtual One to One Half Hour Training Session for children in Grades Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.


We look forward to working with your child to make them the best they can be! These sessions are designed and catered to individually fit your child's needs.  


ONCE THIS SESSION IS PURCHASED: WE WILL EMAIL YOU TO ARRANGE A SESSION DATE & TIME. (Guaranteed session within 14 days of purchase or your money back. Please note that we require the time to design your child's individualized lesson before meeting them online).


Sessions That We Offer: (each option below is a minimum of one 30 min session each and will involve experiential learning through acting along with discussions and visuals.):


OPTION 1: BULLYING. (For students who are: Being bullied, are bullying others or need assistance for how to tell the difference between bullying and teasing.)


OPTION 2: ANXIETY. (For students who are easily shy, nervous or simply just looking to build up their confidence level).


OPTION 3: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. (How to properly regulate, identify and express emotions).


OPTION 4: STRANGER DANGER. (Learn the difference between safe and unsafe strangers and locations and where to go when in a crisis situation. Children will learn the value of 'listening to your gut' in order to make safe and healthy decisions.)  


OPTION 5: THEATRE AND STAGE TRAINING. (Learn fundamental acting stage skills in order to excel in front of a live audience. Taught by an instructor with theatre experience and training. Your child will study and practice character and scene work.)


OPTION 6: TELEVISION, FILM & COMMERCIAL TRAINING. (Learn fundamental on-camera audition and acting skills in order to excel in the film industry. Taught by an instructor with professional acting experience and training. Your child will study and practice audition skills how to prepare for a role and what to do if they book a job!)


Please Note:

These sessions are created by using our professional and unique Sparx Studio teaching methods. The lessons and curriculum content have been strategically designed by a certified & experienced school teacher and professional actor. Even though our lessons have been advised and reviewed by a clinical counsellor, any insurance coverage is up to your insurance provider and is not done through Sparx Studio. We are an enjoyable, intimate, inclusive acting studio that teaches social-emotional skills and we are not a registered clinical office. 


Please read our Refund & Credit Policy before checkout. 


    Sparx offers a generous and consistent refund and course credit policy. We know that things can change and we want to be fair to you while protecting our small business:

    If we are notified 10 days or more before the first class: We will happily either fully refund your fees minus a 10% processing/admin fee OR fully credit your payment towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    If you notify us within 9 to 4 days before the first class: At this point we have little chance of booking another student after reserving this space for you! We are happy to split your payment with you and refund you 50% of your fees. We are also happy, if you choose, to keep 75% of your payment and credit it towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    Notification within 72 hours before a course begins: This is very hard on our small business. But we still want to help! We will refund you 33% of your fees. We are also happy, if you choose, to keep your payment and credit 50% of it towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    *Please note that anything COVID related is not an exemption to this policy. We thank you for your understanding. 

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