~ Time for some ACTIVE screen time! All virtual classes include engaging acting games and activities that are enjoyable, energizing and mentally stimulating! ~


Welcome to Sparx Studio's Virtual 2021 P.A. Day Theme Camps! 


Prepare for an hour and a half of education, creativity and fun! Each PA day will offer different Educational Acting lessons and activities based around the daily theme.


Grade Groups:  

Little Sparkies: JK to Grade 2  

Big Sparx: Grade 3 to Grade 6 


PA Days to choose from:


JANUARY 15th - Theme: "STRANGER DANGER & LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!" - Lessons will be centered around distinguishing the difference between safe & unsafe strangers, locations and what to do when being alone in a variety of unsafe scenarios. Children will learn, act out, discuss and improvise different strategies in order to best protect themselves.  *Student ratings of these lessons have been very popular!* Of course, they will also play multiple fun and entertaining acting games through out the camp!

Big Sparx Camp: 12:00-1:30 pm

Little Sparkies Camp: 10:15 am-11:45 am



FEBRUARY 12th -Theme: "A COURAGEOUS MIND!" -Lessons will be centered around how to create a positive mindset and conquer nerves! Children will learn our Sparx original 'Courage List' and actively participate in tons of fun and confidence boosting acting activities! 

Big Sparx Camp: 12:00-1:30 pm

Little Sparkies Camp: 2:00-3:30 pm

What Will YOUR Child Get Out Of This Camp?
- Daily dose of stimulation, creativity and engagement
- Improved academic focus
- Improved imagination and acting skills
- Advanced critical thinking skills
- Advanced social-emotional intelligence and common situation coping techniques (i.e. how to build up confidence, empowerment and courage)
- An increased appreciation and understanding towards others
- How to work and solve situations independently AND as part of a team
- FUN... and a wonderful way to release built up energy!




Extra Details: 

- We will accept 8 students max. in each class. First come first serve! 

- All classes will be held on ZOOM (free to use). We will email you the link that will take you to the class in advance.  

- Please only sign up if you have a working computer, microphone, web cam and a reliable internet connection.  

-Min. of 2 kids per class needed for a course to run. If not met, customers will receive a full credit or refund.  


    Sparx offers a generous and consistent refund and course credit policy. We know that things can change and we want to be fair to you while protecting our small business:

    If we are notified 10 days or more before the first class: We will happily either fully refund your fees minus a 7.5% processing/admin fee OR fully credit your payment towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    If you notify us within 9 to 4 days before the first class: At this point we have little chance of booking another student after reserving this space for you! We are happy to split your payment with you and refund you 50% of your fees. We are also happy, if you choose, to keep 75% of your payment and credit it towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    Notification within 72 hours before a course begins: This is very hard on our small business. But we still want to help! We will refund you 33% of your fees. We are also happy, if you choose, to keep your payment and credit 50% of it towards a future program within the next 12 months!

    *Please note that anything COVID related is not an exemption to this policy. We thank you for your understanding. 


    Please answer all of the questions in the mandatory information box in the upper right corner of the sign up page to guarantee you won't be bothered later for missing information. You will receive a confirmation email to ensure your payment was received and an additional email providing details about the camp.