Our COVID-19 Sparx Summer Camp Procedures:


- All Sparx instructors have received extra, in-depth COVID-19 response training in order to follow up to date provincial health and safety rules for childcare.

- The number of campers (including instructors) will not exceed the maximum amount of persons allowed in one camp group as per current provincial COVID-19 regulations.

- All campers will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and asked questions about how they feel before entering camp every day. If your child or anyone else in your household feels unwell, we will ask you to go home. If you're already feeling unwell the morning of your class, please stay home and email us before your class to let us know you are unable to make it; however as much advance notice as possible is preferred (i.e. if you feel unwell the day before, then please email us then). 

- All students will be encouraged to stay socially distant as best as they can. We fully understand that this is difficult for children and will always regulate this in a realistic and gentle manner.

- The classroom and bathrooms will be wiped down before, during and after camp. 

- Campers will take multiple trips to the bathroom throughout the day to thoroughly wash their hands.

- We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and bacterial cleaning spray on hand.

- We will have a response plan if a camper shows symptoms of COVID-19 or if we think they have been exposed.

- Daily attendance will be recorded to track any contact.

- All drop-offs and pick-ups will be made outside of the building. No parents or visitors will be allowed inside. 

- Our final 'Sparx Showcase' (the play they will write and perform on the last day) will be performed outside and everyone will practice social distancing. 

- We have removed the majority of our toys and game equipment that could easily spread germs.

- Any equipment that we do give the kids (i.e. colouring pencils) will be sanitized and distributed by an instructor before and after use.

- All Sparx lessons and activities have been modified to work (and still be fun!) with all of these changes.