School & group programs/workshops

Our Studio is motivated to help decrease the growing number of youth mental health issues by teaching significant social-emotional skills through acting.

Sparx Studio offers both Little Sparkies (Jk to Gr.2) and Big Sparx (Gr.3 to Gr.6) group and school programs!  We bring all of our materials to you in-person OR online! For questions about pricing and bookings, please email or call 437-925-8559 to discuss further. We are open to modifying our programs to fit your group's needs!  

What is  considered a "Group"? - Girl Guides, Scouts, another type of organization or even a large group of friends! 

All workshops and programs are fun, creative, beneficial and integrate enjoyable acting activities with objectives from the Ontario Curriculum. Each workshop uses play-based learning and acting techniques to teach students invaluable life skills. 


Students will learn: 


- How to problem solve and deal with issues such as bullying, anxiety and public safety. 


- How to build confidence and enhance their public speaking skills. 


- How to improve their emotional intelligence and social skills. 


- How to work effectively with others in a team-based environment. 


 Please                                             to discuss. 

*In-Person Class or Group is 8 to 30 students.

*Virtual Class or Group is 7 -14 students.

     Single or Multi-Day VIRTUAL Programs 

PERFECT for social distancing!

OPTION 1: One hour for $150+ tax per group.

OPTION 2: Multi-day (5 classes) 1 hour courses for $1250 + tax per group. This option includes a Virtual Sparx Showcase performance!

OPTION 3: Connect with us for a personalized course option that will fit YOUR groups needs! 

1-Hour Workshop -$175 +tax


One class for one hour. Consists of 4 Educational Acting Activities. 



Half Day  -$300 +tax

OPTION 1: One class for the morning OR the afternoon.  Consists of  8  Educational Acting Activities. 


     OPTION 2:  Two or Three  1-Hour Workshops each in the morning OR Two  1-Hour Workshop each in the afternoon.



Full Day -$500 + tax


OPTION 1: One class for the whole day. Consists of 14  Educational Acting Activities. 


 OPTION 2:  One class for a half day in the morning and another class for a half day in the afternoon.

OPTION 3: Multiple  1-Hour Workshops that take place in the morning AND  afternoon. 


Multi-Week After School (In-Person) Program 


We would come to your school once a week for 6-8 weeks (to be discussed) and lead a 1 hour and 30 minute class to any students that sign up. A 'Sparx Showcase' will be presented on the last day for all friends and family to watch!


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