Pleasure To Meet You!

Alana Schober is the  Owner and Founder of Sparx Studio. She is also an Actor and Certified School Teacher (BC Teaching Certificate & OCT) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Alana’s love for teaching led her to the the University of Victoria, where she completed her Bachelor of Education. She has taught both public and private school students in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto and northern Quebec. Alana began acting at the age of eight and has performed in many plays, films, commercials, corporate videos, music videos and television shows, including a lead role in an episode of Paranormal Survivor (Travel and Escape). Her teaching philosophy is to inspire and enhance her students’ creativity, confidence and unique personal selves. Alana is very delighted about combining her two passions – teaching and acting – into one position at Sparx Studio!

Alana Schober


Martina is an actress, director, and writer. She graduated with an Honors Diploma in Acting for Camera and Voice at Seneca College in 2019. Martina started off in drama class as a shy, introverted girl. After dealing with bullying and social anxiety at a young age, drama class changed her life! She broke out of her shell, grew in confidence and communication skills. This is what she hopes to give back to children at Sparx Studio: life-changing skills via Educational Learning!




Dominic is a Child and Youth Worker with a degree in Drama Studies. With experience from both sides of the curtain, a focus on mental & emotional health, and the well-being of the youth he works with, Dominic believes that theatre offers opportunities for children to explore their worlds both internally and externally without judgement. While practicing the skills to build confidence on stage, he believes that children also build resilience and emotional skills for their environment offstage. Creating an environment to foster this growth is so important for wellness in all areas, and is something that Dominic hopes to bring to the students of Sparx, all while having fun!

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Jenny is the administrative assistant for Sparx Studio. She is also a film, television and voiceover actress, having graduated from Humber College's Acting for Film & TV program in 2013, after spending her middle school and high school years in a medley of theatre productions. 

Jenny believes strongly in the power of play and creative expression to help children grow beyond their anxiety and shyness and to develop important emotional skills to manage their feelings. After dealing with depression and 

anxiety herself for a number of years, she has found acting to be one of the most beneficial outlets for her stress and mental health - plus, it's so much fun! 

She is very excited to be a part of the Sparx team, where she is able to offer support to a business that not only provides life-changing social and emotional skills to children of all ages and personality types, but also the opportunity to build long-lasting friendships and have fun! 



Mallory is an OCT certified teacher newly graduated from the University of Windsor. She completed her undergraduate degree in Drama Education and Community in 2014. Her experience working in this program taught her the importance of bringing drama and fun into everyday learning. She believes that using drama as a teaching tool allows for creativity in all aspects of the classroom experience and creates a learning environment that is exploratory, respectful, and safe to take chances and grow. Mallory has worked in a variety of summer camps including child care in Toronto and English Language Learning camps in Italy. She is excited to bring these philosophies to life while working with Sparx programming!


Sophie is a performer, creator, goofball and life-liver. She graduated from Humber College's Theatre Performance program in 2019. She has many years of experience working in summer camp and childcare settings, and since graduating, the professional theatre industry. She believes strongly in the power of self-expression and playful imagining, which can help children and adults alike discover new ways of being with ourselves, each other, and the world. She can't wait to meet all the little Sparx and their many characters!


Grace is a Toronto based arts educator, playwright and actor. Grace is incredibly passionate about working with kids having taught drama classes and workshops in schools for the past ten years. She has written several plays including a solo show that toured across Canada. She is passionate about fostering creative minds and creating inclusive spaces. She currently teaches public speaking, writing  and drama to kids aged 4-14.